Designing an award-winning self-initiated work that has earned recognition as The Site of the Day and secured two new client projects

My Role:

Creative Direction

Core Responsibilities:

Visual Conceptualization
Design Direction
UI/UX Design


March 2021 - June 2021 (3 months)

Project Overview

My Role


The Process


Project Overview

Venus became a self-initiated passion project, fueled by my enduring fascination with art. It served as a productive way to spend time between client projects, allowing me to expand my skill set and unleash creativity.

My goal was to design a storytelling website—a creatively written narrative that guides viewers through an engaging experience using visual effects and design elements. As an admirer of the Renaissance era, I drew inspiration from Sandro Botticelli’s masterpiece, The Birth of Venus. This iconic artwork became the foundation for our story, woven together with mythology, art, and history. Visitors are invited to explore the enchanting world of the goddess, proving that her timeless tale continues to captivate hearts across time and space. Our efforts culminated in submitting Venus to prestigious platforms like AWWARDS, CSS Awards, and CSS Winner, where it received acclaim as the Site of the Day.

My Role

This project marked my debut as an art director. Collaborating closely with a designer and a frontend developer, I provided visual conceptualization and design direction. Our shared mission was to create a stunning and engaging website that showcased our mastery of design skills and creativity.


Our aim was to master design skills and creativity by balancing a clear narrative structure, engaging content, compelling visuals, user interaction, and responsiveness. Exploring femininity, love, and sexuality through the image of Venus across different historical periods was a key aspect of the project.

The Process

Throughout the design journey, we embraced an iterative approach, constantly refining our work to meet high design standards.

Our process began with deep research, immersing ourselves in historical and digital art resources. Given our limited expertise in Roman mythology, we meticulously built an extensive informational foundation, which then transformed into a well-structured narrative. To enhance user experience, we incorporated intuitive navigation, allowing seamless movement between story sections and endless scrolling.

Design Exploration

Considering Venus’s role as the personification of adult love, fertility, and victory in Roman mythology, we adopted a clean, minimalistic design direction. Our focus rested on art motifs, graceful figures, flowing drapery, and the elegant symbolism found in paintings and sculptures. We combined vertical and horizontal scrolling, employing graceful serifs and plain sans-serif typefaces. Parallax elements breathed life into major art pieces, while flawless animations added depth to images. Close collaboration with the frontend developer allowed us to experiment with timing and transitions.

The preloader animation posed a significant challenge—it’s the first interaction users encounter upon landing on the site.

Our goal was simplicity and enchantment, delicately transitioning into the content. After numerous trials and experiments, we achieved a satisfying result. This transition even earned a spot in the Awwwards curated collection of loading animations.

Responsiveness was another crucial aspect to consider.

Midway through the design process, we decided we'll be sharing our work with the design community on the AWWWARDS platform. In accordance with their project application guidelines, we made sure our work was fully responsive. While it's a common expectation for a site to function seamlessly on any device, in this case, we faced the additional challenge of striking the right balance between performance and interactivity. For mobile screens, we made strategic decisions, cutting certain component and transition animations to prioritize loading speed and usability, all while ensuring the site retained a minimum level of interactivity.


Venus Story successfully debuted on design platforms like AWWWARDS, earning recognition and securing two new client projects within a month of posting.

I felt immense satisfaction with our creation. Venus Story invites visitors to immerse themselves in a realm where love, beauty, and mystery intertwine. It serves as a digital sanctuary, bringing Venus’s essence to life through art and interactive experiences, evoking a timeless sense of romance and elegance.



Reducing bounce rate from 90% to 54% through better user experience for the consulting company.

WAIE, Contactless Fueling

Enhancing user experience for corporate efficiency. Doubling user retention and increasing user satisfaction by 82%.